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My problem with side projects (knitting, reading a book, etc) is that I get wrapped up in them and can’t let go until I’m done. Almost nothing else gets done when I’ve got a project underway. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen with things that I actually NEED to do (you know, cleaning-related things, business organization and strategy things, stuff like that). Certainly there are worse sideline activities than reading or knitting, but I probably should strive to find some sort of balance.

Meanwhile, I’m undertaking this wooly adventure. It’s going to be a skirt! I’m excited about it. The colors make me happy. I ran across the pattern one night last week, and realized that I just happened to have the exact amount and type of yarn that the instructions called for. It was yarn that I’d bought ten or eleven years ago, so I figured that this whole adventure was meant to be. At least it’ll figure into my paring-down efforts. Or something like that.



I was asked to produce some fabric to be made into 6 seat cushions for patio chairs, based on a random, spontaneous test print that I had lying about on which I’d been thinking about the two colors of green ink that I had mixed. I printed the layouts 2-up on 3 pieces of fabric sized to be cut down and sewn into the future cushions. Each strip is about 22″ x 50″.

It took me a while to screw up the courage to attack it, but here it is!

I know. It sounds not-quite-right, doesn’t it? I had the ingredients handy so I thought I’d take a chance and give it a go. The recipe came from the Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home book that I took out of the library, but it’s also available online, here. I frequently tweak recipes when I’m making them, but I stuck with the instructions for this one. I still haven’t screwed up the courage to do an ice cream that involves a real custard (I know, it’s not that big a deal, but it still causes me a bit of stress). I was interested in the mascarpone component of this one, and now am enjoying having the rest of the container of it in my fridge for snacking.

The colors that I got to see along the way were stunning.

The resulting ice cream has an underlying milk flavor that’s a bit stronger than I’m fond of, so I’m still not sure if I’m totally in love with it. But it’s intriguing.


June 2nd, 2012

It’s been a long long time, but I’ve finally got a website happening!

And it’s time to begin blogging again. It’s nice to be back.


It seemed to take forever. Setting up things like tax ID numbers, a business bank account, business license, and PayPal account. …Then working on product and finally the surprise learning curve that setting up an Etsy store provides, and it’s finally live (as in: the store is stocked) as of yesterday morning.

Now, it’s on to development of other designs and products!


Sometimes things go faster than at other times. I’ve just been through a slow phase. I was apprehensive about the whole process of getting a business underway: setting up tax ID numbers, getting business license, getting bank account, arranging paypal, and starting an etsy store. It’s just difficult to know where to start with it all. I’d say I’m only about 25% of the way into the process, but have finally begun to accomplish things and am feeling good about striking items off that to-do list. It’s funny, it’s got nothing to do with making or designing anything, but somehow it makes me feel good to be establishing some sort of official grounding to have underpinning my efforts when I do begin to move forward with more production.


Well, hello. And welcome.

I am sometimes Jane.

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